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I have recently started the first draft of a second ghost story involving the MacGowan and Dawes characters from 'Statham Manor'. It is set in Suffolk again and I hope to be able to release the eBook by Easter 2024.

I will post updates on its progress and also other projects as regularly as I can.



Warm greetings and best wishes for the year ahead. Christmas festivities aside, I have made good progress and am close to finishing the first draft. I found I needed to research a couple of areas and that took a little while. I hope that after the 1st draft is done, the story and timelines will quite quickly fall into line.  


Hi All, My next 'MacGowan and Dawes' story is now well underway. The second draft is finished and I am underway on the third one. It is coming together well but you can never be thorough enough, can you! I am also looking at the cover and hoping to persuade my wife Linda to paint it for me. Take care, everyone.  


Hello, I have decided to make this next 'M and D' mystery a novel rather than a novella. It means extensive rewrites but it allows for much more development of the characters and plot lines. I will keep you updated on progress. Fortis mane!


Hello, I am now reaching the final stages of the next "M and D" novel. There are just minor alterations left to do and one final proof read left and then it will go up, hopefully by the end of July. It's been challenging but an awful lot of fun! Take care, mes amis

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